Lifetime Warranty


We’d like you to know that if you’ve performed one of our state of the art BG services to maintain your vehicle you now qualify for lifetime protection!

Simply continue to maintain your vehicle at the required intervals with our specialized BG services and you’ll automatically benefit from a lifetime protection plan at no extra cost!

In order to keep the protection you must continue to perform your BG services at regular intervals. Every 8000 km or 4 months perform a BG oil or fuel service (when you do an oil change), and every 18-20 months or 50000 km perform other services like a transmission service.

You’ll get up to $4000 IN COVERAGE PER SERVICE, and up to $38000 in TOTAL COVERAGE with all services performed! You do not need to perform all services to receive coverage on the components serviced.

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For maximum coverage you must start and continue the service intervals while your odometer reads 60,000 km or less. Those that start at between 60,001 km to 120000 km will still enjoy up to $2000 per service and up to $19000 in full coverage with all services performed.

Continue to perform your services so that your vehicle and it’s protection plan are maintained for life!

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